Network Bandwidth Reporting Tool

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Fri Jan 22 12:21:57 UTC 2010

Arbor boxes (E30/E100) also do this kind of reporting with very granular
options - not cheap, but work well...


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1. ETINC - - Really good with a mysql backend and gives
exactly what you are looking for. You can either buy the software and
it into a FreeBSD box or you can get the already built appliance. The
point is also quite good

2. Allot - -Comes with a lot of features and has a good
reporting mechanism. They have boxes of different sizes and add on
for reports etc. higher priced but works very well.

Raymond Macharia

On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 5:13 AM, Isaac Conway
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> Oh mighty list,
> I am curious what tools you use to generate monthly usage and billing
> reports for your execs?  I am not really looking for a RRD type
> solution, rather a page I can pull up and gives me the numbers (95p,
> cost, overage, etc.) for the past month.  Copy and paste into a
> spreadsheet, job complete....
> We are getting to the point where we have multiple datacenters and
> numerous uplinks and circuits for each, I find I am spending too many
> hours each month compiling data.
> I was thinking about writing some quick scripts to poll the router
> interfaces and put it to database, but I figured I would ask before
> re-inventing the wheel.
> Thanks in advance!
> Isaac



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