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Rent a EXFO TGE packet blazer

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>> I am in the market for 10Gbps traffic testers.
>> Here are some of the things I'd like to have:
>> 1) Mixed packet sizes
>> 2) Ramp TCP sessions up/down quickly
>> 3) Many source and destination IPs
>> 4) Ability to ramp traffic up and down
>> 5) Simulate targeted SYN floods
>> 6) 10,000+ packets per second
>> We'll use these devices to test throughput and resource utilization on
>> routers and firewalls/security systems. We'll also test and prove
>> candidate QoS configurations (ie: DSCP41 still works well even when
>> DSCP11 is saturating links).
>> The catch is that I work for a charitable, non-profit with limited
>> resources. I understand you can't have steak on a sardine budget; I'm
>> just trying to find suggestions on a testing platform for "thrifty"
>> customers! We do not have any existing testing systems other than
>> iPerf on a Mac Mini.
> Testing QoS generally requires highly specialized equipment that can send at
> line-rate and has highly accurate timing.  This is necessary to analyze the
> impacts of latency and jitter, in addition to testing the impact of
> throughput in multi-queue prioritization tests.  Likely this means that the
> cheaper options are not sufficient unfortunately, and doubly so because you
> want 10Gbps.
> I have used Spirent, Ixia, and Agilent boxes with great success, especially
> in the area of QoS testing.  Any one of these should be able to perform well
> with all of the requirements stated above.  Don't go for the Breakingpoint
> box unless you enjoy banging your head against the wall when you can't do
> many of the things they claim to be able to do - I was once a proponent of
> theirs until I really got under the hood, save yourself the headache and
> look at the other alternatives.
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