OT: old farts recollecting -- Re: ASR1002

gordon b slater gordslater at ieee.org
Wed Jan 20 08:30:52 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-01-19 at 17:42 -0800, Bill Stewart wrote:
> Could the comment actually have been about pay telephones, which were
> once common in cities?

Good point Bill, which, if so, would place the comment at or about the
start of the cellfone introduction.

@Jim, maybe it's more a telco/2600 thing? 

None of my overnite greps through old saved chats/snippets came up with
anything remotely like it, sadly.

I tried a few gopher/archie searches but the system is in very poor
shape these days, a shadow of it's early 90's usefulness. 

Maybe it was on Fidonet or similar?

Anyone else have any input? Please ask your old folks ;)



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