Katrina response, private and public

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> certainly wouldn't hurt, as this would be unrepeatered), and on finding
> funding to get Columbus to run the spur in from their BU.  BTC apparently
> has fiber already existing or in process of turn-up between Port au Prince
> and the Bahamas, but nobody's been able to get a response from them yet
> about its status.

*Not speaking for BTC/AS8014*

"Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC), the service provider that runs
the Bahamas Domestic Submarine Network (BDSNi) submarine cable system
linking to Haiti, reported that service has been disrupted as a result of
the earthquake that struck the Port-au-Prince area."


I forwarded the DHS contacts to them.

Also, re your plan to potentially run a cable from SD to PaP. Interesting.
Looks like 300nm to me. I think you're going to need op amp and power. On
the Columbus run, they're going to need a landing station. I'm going to
speculate that this is part of BTC's problem; no landing station of the
subsea route was disrupted by the quake and depending upon the route that
UPR is going to take I'd think harder about the effectiveness of this plan.

I'd be thinking microwave and towers. Faster. Cheaper.



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