OT: old farts recollecting -- Re: ASR1002

gordon b slater gordslater at ieee.org
Tue Jan 19 17:48:44 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-01-19 at 11:00 -0500, Jim Mercer wrote:
> for days now, i've been trying to remember a quotation, which i vaguely seem
> to remember popping up in trn/nn or some USENET newsreader of old, along
> the lines of:
> "the telephone, once commonly available in cities, ...."
> or something like that.
> ring a bell for anyone?

I get the distinct feeling it's a quite from an obscure scifi novel/film
or MST3K style quote, though I could be wrong. It does ring a distant
bell, but I'm not so sure about on Usenet.
Maybe it was a Gopher thing?

This newfangled Googly-thing finds nothing - it'll never catch on.

Anyone got some old Winchesters lying around that need a spin? 

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