New netblock Geolocate wrong (Google)

Rosenberry, Eric eric.rosenberry at
Mon Jan 18 22:27:30 UTC 2010

I just lit up a new IP netblock (assigned directly from ARIN) and the companies that provide Geolocate databases do not have the correct location information available yet.

Specifically Maxmind ( thinks we are in Canada and IP2LOCATION ( has no data.

For the most part this is benign or at worst slightly impacting since I often get redirected to global load balance nodes up in Canada instead of locally in the North West, however, the more major issue I am running into is that Google chooses to redirect all my users to<>.

So my questions to others are:

1.       How do I get my data updated in all of the geolocate providers databases as quickly as possible?

2.       What geolocate database does Google use (is it homegrown?) and how do I get them to update my data?


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