Are IPv6-only Internet services viable today?

Durand, Alain alain_durand at
Sun Jan 17 23:47:19 UTC 2010

On 1/17/10 11:59 AM, "Cameron Byrne" <cb.list6 at> wrote:

> It's unfortunate for me that nobody is interested in talking about the
> question I asked in light of the data i supplied.  The question being,
> is it possible for a mobile operator to offer an IPv6-only service
> today to casual Internet users on new devices with new service plans?
> Perhaps it is just a rhetorical question because the video obviously
> shows it is possible.  But, i am legitimately interested in perceived
> service gaps or issues, given this tightly controlled service
> definition (web and email).

I would hope my last emails start to address this point. The single most
impediment I see to deploy IPv6-only networks is the combined effect of the
2 long tails: on one side, the content is today mostly IPv4-only accessible,
making it a disincentive to build v6-only access network, and on the other
side, the apps are for the vast majority IPv4 centric, making it a
disincentive to offer content over IPv6, to build an Ipv6 capable device
that cannot use those apps or to build v6-only access networks in the first

This realization was the starting point of the development of the DS-lite

   - Alain.

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