Katrina response, private and public

Steven G. Huter sghuter at nsrc.org
Fri Jan 15 16:34:55 UTC 2010

> After the Katrina landfall a diverse group of wireless people started 
> organizing a relief effort, culminating in work around Waveland. There was 
> also a group from the NPGS in Monterey, who worked on the Boxing Day Tsunami 
> aftermath.
> Does anyone have a similar contact set?

hello eric

i rec'd email yesterday from a colleague at inveneo.org that they and 
nethope.org are putting together a team to travel to haiti and work on an 
emergency comms wireless network for the numerous NGOs/relief workers so 
they can communicate more efficiently. they were part of the katrina 
relief effort team.

contact Kristin Peterson <kristin at inveneo.org> for more info on how to 


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