Anyone see a game changer here?

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Fri Jan 15 15:37:30 UTC 2010

On Fri, 15 Jan 2010, Bruce Williams wrote:

> "The alleged attacks from China are troubling on many fronts.  On
> Thursday, security firm McAfee released a report saying the program
> used to target U.S. firms involved a so-called "zero day"
> vulnerability -- one that was to this point unknown to the security
> community, and thus indefensible by anti-virus software. The flaw
> "These highly customized attacks known as advanced persistent threats
> were primarily seen by governments and the mere mention of them
> strikes fear in any cyberwarrior, wrote McAfee's George Kurtz in a

He makes it sound like nobody's ever discovered 0-day sploits in use in 
the wild / had 0-day sploits used against them.  The term 0-day has been 
around for quite some time for a reason.

I don't see anything new here other than the insinuation that the Chinese 
government might have been behind their use.

Does anyone really believe that the use of targeted 0-day exploits to gain 
unauthorized access to information hasn't been at least considered if not 
used by spies working for other [than China] countries?

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