SORBS on autopilot?

Michelle Sullivan matthew at
Fri Jan 15 15:17:44 UTC 2010

telmnstr at wrote:
>> Did SORBS really cause you that much pain?
> Yes. We purchased colo space for some systems that didn't need high 
> class of service (mostly development systems.) The IP space in a 
> former lifetime was a dialup pool for analog modems.
> We of course changed the reverse DNS entries, and did the normal 
> request with SORBS. Nothign really happened. I started looking into 
> it, and finding stories of people doing the mandatory $90 donation to 
> get express attention,
...and at this point we know the poster (like a fair few other in this 
thread) is either talking c**p or mixing SORBS with some other list.  
There is NO donation required for non spam listings (a DUHL entry is not 
a spam listing) and $90 is plucked from thin air... a  cursory look at 
the SORBS website will attest to that.


Note: The original poster was noted to have never opened a ticket @ 
SORBS by one of the staff..  I haven't verified that personally, but it 
does follow a common theme..  People complain about listings and have 
subsequently been found to have *not* requested delisting through the 
correct channel (the SORBS support system)...  I wonder how many would 
get this sort of response (a firey NANOG thread) if they complained 
their ADSL was broken to the yellowpages sales line...?!?!?

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