Are IPv6-only Internet services viable today?

Durand, Alain alain_durand at
Fri Jan 15 13:37:52 UTC 2010

[resending with more readable, apologies for the duplicate]

DS-lite can work both for fixed and wireless scenario, where you have a
that is only configured by the access network with IPv6 but want to access
IPv4 content FROM IPv4
applications. This is the main difference between DS-lite and NAT64. NAT64
requires all applications
on the user device to be IPv6 compatible. Now, that may or may not be an
issue. If you are talking
about a proprietary wireless device that run only proprietary apps, porting
all those apps to IPv6
prior to launching the service may be ok... However, if the device can run
external apps, like those
coming from an app store, or running pre-existing apps (I¹m thinking about
the gazillions apps
existing on the iPhone), then a NAT64 solution will force a complete rewrite
of every single one
of those apps...

DS-lite would enable all those apps to keep working. Big difference.

  - Alain.

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