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From a single detection of one hostile email you can often expand the picture to many mail recipients.  A little open source research identifies the common community the recipients belong to.  It's pretty straight forward.


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> It's not clear to me you have to read any e-mail to figure out that
> "help_us_free_tibet at" might be someone who's taking a
> political position.  A search company may also, say, look for e-mail
> addresses listed on the web sites that must be censored, and when it's
> the same list being hacked, draw a conclusion.

It's also possible that far less questionable means are being utilized.  Perhaps there are a sufficient number of pro-free-speech'ers at (which is presumably largely composed of Chinese nationals) that are privy to such information.  It only takes one guy going "hey!  I know some of these email addresses!"...


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