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Łukasz Bromirski lukasz at
Tue Jan 12 23:13:38 UTC 2010

On 2010-01-12 21:27, Ben Jencks wrote:
> This is obviously a rookie question, but I haven't found anything by
> searching. I'm looking to set up a small testbed to simulate our
> internal network topology, and I want to have a realistic BGP table
> from the fake "upstream" routers. Ideally what I'd like to do is dump
> the BGP table from our production routers, strip the immediate
> neighbor AS, and load the table into Quagga or OpenBGPD to advertise.
> I'm running into two problems: how do you dump BGP tables in a
> machine-parseable format from IOS, and how do you make the route
> server advertise the routes as they were in the original table,
> including the full AS-path, communities, etc? If Quagga/OpenBGPD
> aren't the right tools, I'm happy to use something else.

Use libbgpdump from to get raw data from (you're looking for newest bview file),
and dump them using bgpdump to something easily to parse. Then
using bgpsimple (from googlecode) simulate a peer with specific
number of prefixes advertised - up to the limit of the contents
of the file. You can spoof next-hop, AS, etc. As for the attribute
manipulation, fire up a couple of VMWare/VirtualBox/vimage instances
with quagga/openbgpd to accept the prefixes from bgpsimple and
mangle them in some manner.

Here you go.

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