d000::/8 from AS28716

Pierfrancesco Caci p.caci at seabone.net
Tue Jan 12 07:33:01 UTC 2010

:-> "Chuck" == Chuck Anderson <cra at WPI.EDU> writes:

    > d000::/8           *[BGP/170] 01:08:26, MED 760, localpref 200
    >                       AS path: 30071 6762 28716 I
    >> to 2001:4830:e1:10::1 via ge-0/0/0.593

I fail to see how this could have gone through this:

ipv6 prefix-list AS28716-V6-IN: 1 entries
   seq 5 permit 2001:1BD0::/32

unless "Every IPv6 prefix list, including prefix lists that do not
have any permit and deny condition statements, has an implicit deny
any any statement as its last match condition" is not true for this
particular IOS release, or the router just went nuts.

Maybe next time drop me a line when it's happening, I don't see the
route from the customer now. 



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