SORBS on autopilot?

Ken Chase math at
Mon Jan 11 15:48:00 UTC 2010

Anyone got some pointers on how to get off SORBS' Dynamic IP lists?

We've followed their RFC proposed static reverse DNS assignment naming and all
elements of their FAQ.

We are not spammers. The /24 in question isnt listed on any RBLs except SORBS DUL.

We've submitted requests in various different formats, but get a robot reply
and -ENOJOY.

We've even had our upstream that is listed at the RIR as managing the supernet
of our BGP announced prefixes submit requests to delist for the /24, but
we are only ever replied to by a robot that lists as
dynamic except .163 (somehow manually excluded from their db, I think when
they werent adrift in years past). Our upstream's techs are also at a loss now
and suggested I seek arcane clue amongst the sages here.

Pointers appreciated.

Ken Chase - ken at - +1 416 897 6284 - Toronto CANADA
Heavy Computing - Clued bandwidth, colocation and managed linux VPS @151 Front St. W.

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