I don't need no stinking firewall!

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Mon Jan 11 07:35:30 UTC 2010

> I believe that these comments were more along the lines of 'servers
> better handle this that stateful firewalls', not ruling out the use of
> load-balancers, reverse-proxy caches, etc. as appropriate.
> Roland Dobbins <rdobbins at arbor.net> // <http://www.arbornetworks.com>

I read it as the poster linking a service to a server.  That would imply
to me a small amount of traffic.  The notion that a service is somehow
related to a server is valid for rates of traffic that a single server
can handle but things change once you scale beyond that level.  A
service provided to the internet does not map to a server except in
small scale operation.

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