more inane confidentiality notices, was down/slow?

John Levine johnl at
Sun Jan 10 01:07:06 UTC 2010

> Some NDA's require that you must state your intent for each
> communication that should be covered by the NDA.

I can believe that such NDAs may exist, but I'm pretty sure I didn't
sign one as a condition of subscribing to nanog.  In reality,
boilerplate confidentiality notices merely document the fact that a
mail system is in the grip of the clueless and/or confused.


>  As much as everyone would like to believe these are wothless, they
> are not. Applying them globally to your email protects your legal
> rights.

I would be most interested in any case or statute law supporting this
utterly implausible assertion.  I'm aware that there is a rule among
attorneys that they're not allowed to use material faxed from one to
another by mistake, but since this isn't fax and we're not lawyers, it
doesn't apply.

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