Default Passwords for World Wide Packets/Lightning Edge Equipment

Ricky Beam jfbeam at
Fri Jan 8 05:58:26 UTC 2010

On Wed, 06 Jan 2010 18:24:26 -0500, Jeffrey I. Schiller <jis at>  
> An option I saw years ago (I forgot on whose equipment) was a default
> password which was a function of the equipment's serial number. So you
> had to have the algorithm and you needed the serial number which was not
> related to the MAC. So if you didn't have physical access, you were not
> in a good position to learn the password.

Gadzoox used to do that... the management modules for their hubs had  
factory set random passwords.  It's provided on a sticker with the card,  
so you can put it where you want -- just don't lose it, because that's  
only place it exists (without breaking out a JTAG debugger.)

Yes, their later gear has standard default passwords.


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