qwest outage no notice

Jason Shearer jshearer at amedisys.com
Thu Jan 7 14:46:47 UTC 2010

Notices were left at the discretion of Qwest account teams.  There was no mass notification.


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We just had a qwest outage of about 2 mins at 1:41am pst. When I called
to report it I was told it was a 200+ emergency software upgrade due to
a security concern, and that we will get a notice later after the fact.
Normally we get notices in advance, even for software upgrades due to
security or other important issues, so I am curious if other qwest
customers had the same experience and wether this is how it's going to
be from here on in? The affected platform was juniper and I'd love to
know the specfic case being addressed here.


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