Default Passwords for World Wide Packets/Lightning Edge Equipment

Mark Foster blakjak at
Thu Jan 7 01:50:41 UTC 2010

>>> At the end of the day, minimizing support costs for the vendor (not to
>>> mention likely annoyance for the customer) trumps providing "default"
>>> security for the folks who won't change the default password.
>> The MyFi apparently does this.  According to
>>"The network password is printed right there on the bottom of the MiFi
>> itself."
> At least it's not "0000".
> But yes, my Mifi *had* the password on the bottom.

In a lot of cases, physical access = you're screwed anyway. What's the 
difference if the password is printed on the box?

If you can't physically protect your kit, that's something else, but aside 
from things like WAP's which are routinely in 'the open' surely you 
protect your equipment inside secure racks/cabinets/datacentres such that 
the physical labelling is inaccessible to those who aren't authorised... ?

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