I don't need no stinking firewall!

Brian Johnson bjohnson at drtel.com
Wed Jan 6 22:18:27 UTC 2010

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> On Tue, 05 Jan 2010 23:14:05 CST, Ryan Brooks said:
> > Everyone needs to listen to Roland's mantra: "stateless ACLs in
> hardware
> > than can handle Mpps".  It's more than just a hint.
> I suspect that more than a few need to be reminded that "stateless
> in
> switch hardware" is just another name for "switch that also does
> stateless
> firewall".

I don't think so: "stateless ACLs in switch hardware" != " switch that
also does stateless firewall"

IMHO... "stateless ACLs in [switch|router] hardware" = ACLs applied to
interfaces that filter packets based on source or destination IP
addresses and ports, or protocols. Correct me if I'm wrong Roland.

 - Brian

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