Bonded SDSL

sthaug at sthaug at
Wed Jan 6 08:44:43 UTC 2010

> > It's being done by Actelis, Hatteras, and Zhone.  More exactly SHDSL or
> > similar variants.  The market is being well-served.
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> The highlighted sentence is precisely the difference between what they
> are doing and what I am doing.  The SHDSL folks seem to live in some
> kind of fantasy world where they think that all major network operators
> are going to throw out all their SDSL/2B1Q infrastructure and install
> SHDSL DSLAMs across the country instead.

I certainly can't speak for all major network operators. However, the
operator I work for did just that - threw out all the old SDSL/2B1Q

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