Default Passwords for World Wide Packets/Lightning Edge Equipment

Nathan Eisenberg nathan at
Wed Jan 6 08:17:54 UTC 2010



I have recently inherited the management of an undocumented network (failed FTTH provider) which utilizes World Wide Packets' LightningEdge 427 (16 port GBIC switch) and 311v (24/4 port Ethernet/GBIC switch) switches.  We've swapped out a 427 so that we can rebuild it, push it back into the network, and repeat, until everything is under our control.

Trouble is, the lack of documentation extends to passwords, the nature of which preclude any hope of getting in to the switch without resetting to defaults.  Fortunately, I can do this without issue, since it is not in active service.

I reset a spare 311v to defaults, but cannot log in to it with any of the logical default passwords.  I can only assume the same will be true of the 427.

Sadly, it seems World Wide Packets is now owned by a new company, who will not provide simple documentation without a full support contract.  I got them to grudgingly provide the documentation for the customer premise devices (LightningEdge 47's), but my pleas for the switch documentation (and the management software that I believe WWP provided for free) has fallen on deaf ears.  I don't have the budget to blow on a support contract just to get one default password (Who would?).


Does anyone know the default passwords for World Wide Packets 427 and 311v switches?

I will most definitely owe anyone with an answer a beer or four next time they visit Seattle.  By the way, the default username/password for the LightningEdge 47 and other WWP CPEs is su/pureethernet.  Hopefully that will save someone else some pain.  :-)

Best Regards,
Nathan Eisenberg

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