Bonded SDSL

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Tue Jan 5 11:56:10 UTC 2010

> >> Sorry that I'm coming into this thread late (I have just subscribed),
> >> but since I see people discussing DSL with beefy upstream, I thought I
> >> would be brave and ask: do you esteemed high-end network op folks think
> >> that there may be anyone in the world who might be interested in bonded
> >> SDSL or not?
> > 
> > Not only is there interest, it is actually seeing significant use - at
> > least here in Norway. Typical case is bonding 2 or 4 SHDSL links for a
> > total capacity of 4 or 8 Mbps.
> Out of curiosity, in Norway, who owns the copper? What is your
> revenue/lease cost ratio?

The copper is owned by the incumbent, Telenor. Leasing copper pairs is
95 NOK (around 17 USD) per pair per year. We have our own DSL equipment
in the Telenor COs, which lets us produce (among other things) bonded

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