D/DoS mitigation hardware/software needed.

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> >> Additional mitigation would be  via manual or automatic RTBH or
> security/[email protected] involvement with upstreams.
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> > Automagic is generally bad, as it can be gamed.
> ... and manual wont scale in ddos

There are pros and cons to each approach.  Certain types of things can be automated, in fact I've done this using the Auto-mitigate feature in Arbor coupled with pre-configured mitigation templates for certain types of traffic and it works very well.  But generally, as Roland mentioned automagic stuff can be gamed and for the majority of the stuff you are going to want an operator to look at the alert before making the decision to offramp.

The trick is to try to automate as much around the process as possible - I've worked in environments where just making little changes to incident handling response methods reduced the time to mitigate an attack from hours to minutes, all the while still requiring an operator to press the "big red button" to offramp and enable the mitigation.

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