dark fiber and sfp distance limitations

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Tue Jan 5 02:13:33 UTC 2010

....and to add, OTDR at several wavelengths, just in case you want to do
xWDM in the future.


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On 1/1/2010 5:52 PM, Mike wrote:
> I am looking at the possibility of leasing a ~70 mile run of fiber. I
> don't have access to any mid point section for regeneration purposes,
> and so I am wondering what the chances that a 120km rated SFP would be
> able to light the path and provide stable connectivity. There are a lot
> of unknowns including # of splices, condition of the cable, or the
> actual dispersion index or other properties (until we actually get
> closer to leasing it). Its spare telco fibers in the same cable binder
> they are using interoffice transport, but there are regen huts along the
> way so it works for them but may not for us, and 'finding out' is
> potentially expensive. How would someone experienced go about
> determining the feasibillity of this concept and what options might
> there be? Replies online or off would be appreciated.
> Thanks.

Pardon my ignorance in this area but is too much to ask for OTDR data 
before signing contracts?  In addition to data on the make of the fiber 
if you wanted to do xWDM in the future.

NDAs shall be signed of course....

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