Experiences with Comcast Ethernet/Transit service

Dave Temkin davet1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 18:32:59 UTC 2010

I purchased a single GigE transport link from them between a off-net 
building that they lit for us and a lit site.  Install went without 
issue, including pulling in new fiber.  Never underestimate the 
advantages of having pole and conduit rights.  My only complaint would 
be interval - it took nearly 120 days from order to install and much of 
that was seemingly spent idle.

The service itself has been rock solid.  Unfortunately they don't span 
across metros within the same logical network (yet) - this would 
definitely be a bonus.


Sean Head wrote:
> I just started looking into them as well. Mind of I has for similar 
> info? (maybe just keep the responses on list?)
> -Sean
> On 2009.12.23 01:10:39, Brandon Galbraith wrote:
>> We're looking at using Comcast's (business) transit and private ethernet
>> services at several client locations and I wanted to see what 
>> experiences
>> others have had regarding this. Off-list replies are preferred.
>> Thanks,
>> -brandon

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