InterNAP FCP (again?)

Tom Sands tsands at
Mon Jan 4 12:08:59 UTC 2010

I feel your pain, as I'm a little frustrated by the stance that Internap 
is taking on the FCP.  We've used them for many years, back when there 
were numerous competitors to choose from.  However, now that they are 
pretty much the only major player they seem to care less about the 
results and the customer.

Like Ric, you can contact me off-line for details.

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Ric Moseley wrote:
> Call me offline. 
> Ric. 
> 214-442-0555
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> Subject: InterNAP FCP (again?)
> All,
> 	I know this has been discussed to some degree before and I have
> searched the archives. However is it seems in my previous posts to this
> list about anything, the truly useful replies are the private replies
> ones that don't make it to this list.
> 	We are considering the InterNAP Flow Control Platform. Currently
> we
> have 3 transit providers but are adding one or two more and will also be
> adding a connection to the Any2 exchange at One Wilshire.
> 	The price is manageable, the reporting seems quite useful, but I
> haven't seen it actually in action on my network. If it works as claimed
> for managing commit levels, performance, etc. then I expect we'd be very
> happy. The problem is that InterNAP does not want to do any acceptance
> testing... all sales are final... and in my research on the web, I see a
> few companies that have implemented the FCP and have either removed it
> or switched to Avaya CNA (yes, I know it's going away).
> 	Since InterNAP has pulled way from any kind of happiness
> guarantee, I'd
> very much like to hear from actual users of the FCP, happy and unhappy,
> to help me feel better about signing the PO.
> 	Does it do what it says it does for performance and managing
> commit
> levels? Do you feel it was worth the integration and money? Are you
> happy with it? What size and shape is the network you used it on? Do you
> have any additional thoughts to share regarding the FCP?
> Thanks!
> Mike

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