Consumer-grade dual-homed connectivity options?

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Sun Jan 3 18:56:07 UTC 2010

Hi Paul

You can do this on a linux box with a pretty much basic kernel.

I currently have a similar setup at home with a DSL and a cable line (from different providers).
Here's the script I'm actually using:

Some packets are tagged with iptables (SSH as an example) because I want it to prefer the DSL connection. You can do pretty interesting things with it, even per-packet round-robin distribution … which is a Bad Idea™ though.

If you want it to fail-over automatically you need to patch the kernel etc. You'll find all information on (especially on and here:

This setup is running for about a year now and it does this quite well.


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>> At home, I currently run two DSL lines. Right now, we just have two  
>> separate LANs, one connected to each line, with my wife's devices attached  
>> to one, and my devices attached to the other. For a while now, I've been  
>> thinking about setting up a load-balancing routing solution to give both  
>> of us access to both lines.
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