Consumer-grade dual-homed connectivity options?

Steven King sking at
Sat Jan 2 23:14:32 UTC 2010

You would need at least one router for this.

Personally I would connect both DSL modems into a small Cisco router or
multi-layer switch. Use that router as the default gateways for each LAN
and have two static routes as the default gateway on the router to
specify each DSL line. This would allow for load balancing each connection.

Although, you run into the issue of needing PAT on both lines. This
wouldn't be complex, but would need to be handled by the router as well.

I am not sure about asymmetric paths though. Depending on the device, it
may handle this differently, and there is no guarantee that the source
of your traffic will be from the same connection all the time to the
destination. This would cause connectivity issues. There really is no
elegant solution to that without having a full routing table of the
Internet and 2 separate providers. Others on this list may have a
solution to that issue off the top of their heads, or have done this

On 1/2/10 5:48 PM, Scott Weeks wrote:
> --- paul.w.bennett at wrote:
> From: "Paul Bennett" <paul.w.bennett at>
> At home, I currently run two DSL lines. Right now, we just have two  
> separate LANs, one connected to each line, with my wife's devices attached  
> to one, and my devices attached to the other. For a while now, I've been  
> thinking about setting up a load-balancing routing solution to give both  
> of us access to both lines.
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Maybe will work?
> scott

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