Restrictions on Ethernet L2 circuits?

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Fri Jan 1 02:51:36 UTC 2010

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> Yipes is still offering services under the Yipes, name, at least in
> NY Metro Area.

I based my information on the fact that going to takes you to
Reliance.  And this

"The Yipes name is (presumably) gone forever, as the company has been
assimilated into a new global communications entity, Reliance Globalcom.
Virtually unknown in the U.S., Reliance will need to spend heavily on
branding and marketing efforts."

And this:

Yipes was acquired by Reliance Globalcom in December 2007. Reliance
Globalcom, a division of Reliance Communications, spearheads the Global
Telecom operations of India's largest Integrated Telecom Service
Provider ...

So while they might be operating still as Yipes in some areas, they are
Reliance Globalcom out here in California.

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