[Fwd: [members-discuss] [ncc-announce] RIPE NCC Position On The ITU IPv6 Group]

Jorge Amodio jmamodio at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 18:49:48 UTC 2010

> well, from vague memory,  H.264, G711/729, H323, X.509 were/are ITU-T
> standards - maybe X.25 too though I could have that one wrong.

Some of the encoding stds are not that bad. The X series and colored
books are from the CCITT era, that BTW given that they were
"Recommendations" many phone companies and equipment vendors didn't
give a squat and implemented them as they pleased, interoperability
was a challenge and sort of an art of the dark ages of

I still remember getting my butt smoked trying to get a derivate
Spanish implementation of X.25 talking with the Turkish one.

ITU has nothing to do with managing Internet address and name space,
if they want to go back to the dark ages of networking they can build
their own network and use CLNP or RSCS ala BITNET.


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