MENOG6 Call for Papers

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Fri Feb 26 17:05:11 UTC 2010

Colleagues thought it would be useful to send this to few lists who have interest in doing / extending their business in Middle East.

Looking forward to see you all in Riyadh!

Mehmet Akcin / MENOG Programme Committee

Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  10 - 14 April 2010

Call for Papers

The MENOG Programme Committee is now seeking contributions to the
programme for MENOG 6.  We would like to invite people to submit their
presentation proposals as soon as possible to help us produce the
programme in a timely fashion.  We would also like to encourage people
through out the Middle East region who have not previously presented
their work to do so.

We are looking for people who would :

  * Offer a technical tutorial on an appropriate topic; and/or
  * Participate in the technical conference sessions as a speaker.
  * Share their local experience with any of the fields of interest
    for MENOG.

Presentation proposals can be submitted at:


MENOG 6 will run for 5 days, and will include 3 days of hands-on
technical workshops, followed by Opening and Closing Plenaries,
several Technical Conference sessions including updates from the RIPE
NCC, as well half a day of tutorials.

  Workshop      10th-12th
  Tutorials     13th (morning)
  Conference    13th (afternoon) and 14th


Call for Papers Opens:              now
Deadline for Speaker Submissions:   15th March 2010
Final Slides:                       10th April 2010
Final Programme Published:          22nd March 2010


Each Technical session in MENOG will last 90 minutes - multiple
sessions can be cover one subject area if there is demand.  A 90
minute session allows presentations to be up to 25 minutes in length,
meaning 3 presentations per session and some time for Q&A.  Longer
presentations should be submitted as tutorials.  The Technical
Conference commences after lunchtime on the 13th of April.

Expected subject areas for MENOG 6 include:

1. HTTP and Non-HTTP Content Filtering; Anti-spam

2  Internationalised Domain Names (IDN) and Localisation

3. NREN (National Research and Education Networks)

4. ISP Operations, Peering and Internet Exchange Points

5. SP Network Security

6. IPv4 depletion/IPv6 deployment

7. Datacentres, Applications & Services

8. VSAT technologies


Tutorials are 90 minute technical presentations which focus on a
particular subject in-depth.  Tutorials will take place on the morning
of the 13th of April.

Tutorial Instructors are encouraged to also sign up to be a Speaker in
the Technical Conference Programme as well.  You can sign up to give a
tutorial and/or conference session presentation by following the
instructions at the end of this message for signing up as a speaker or

Examples of Tutorial topics might be:

  - Network security, IPSec, Auditing/Forensics, DDoS Mitigation
  - Routing, Network Design, BGP
  - IPv6 deployment
  - IDN, Localisation
  - Content filtering & anti-spam
  - Network planning, management and traffic engineering
  - Internet exchanges, construction, peering and collocation
  - Operations, NOC, Helpdesk and other support aspects
  - DNS and DNSSEC

If you have an idea for a tutorial subject that is not listed, please
feel free to submit it to us.


When considering a presentation or tutorial, remember that the MENOG
audience is mainly comprised of technical network operators and
engineers with a wide range of experience levels from beginners to
multi-year experience.  There is a strong orientation to offer core
skills and basic knowledge in the tutorials and to address issues
relevant to the day-to-day operations of ISPs and network operators
over the next 12 - 18 months in the conference sessions.

Draft slides for both tutorials and conference sessions MUST be
provided with CfP submissions. The Programme Committee cannot consider
a presentation proposal without accompanying draft slides.

While the majority of speaking slots will be allocated by 15th of
March 2010, a limited number of slots may be available after then for
presentations that are exceptionally timely, important, or of critical
operational importance.


MENOG is a TECHNICAL conference so marketing and commercial content is
not allowed within the programme.  The programme committee will
maintain the technical standard of MENOG, and will therefore
not accept inappropriate materials.  It is expected that the presenter
be a technical person and not a sales or marketing person.  The
audience is extremely technical and expects that the speakers are
themselves very knowledgeable.  All sessions provide time for
questions, so presenters should expect technical questions and be
prepared to deliver insightful and technically deep responses.


MENOG is a not-for-profit event that is trying to make the conference
as close to zero cost as possible for attendees; therefore we are
unable to pay the travel costs of speakers.


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