Spamcop Blocks Facebook?

Benjamin Billon bbillon-ml at
Fri Feb 26 06:44:23 UTC 2010

> Maybe I'm wrong on this, and I'm not a mailadmin anywhere nor have I been or pretended to have been in the past. But I'm pretty sure FB only sends you mail based on the prefrences you choose, and I know this is the answer you where given so mostly a statement. How does that equal spam :)
Invitations. Kind of Bulk. Never asked. Unwanted. Coming again and 
again. Boring. Spam. They keep storing email addresses without their 
consent. Not even mentioning project Titan.
If FB users sends emails to themselves, that's their problem indeed. If 
they complain about these emails, that's FB problem to have dumb users.
If recipients with nothing to do with FB receive unwanted emails, that's 
FB problem to find a way to stop that.

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