Spamcop Blocks Facebook?

Shon Elliott shon at
Fri Feb 26 06:31:17 UTC 2010

Yep. I understand that. Which is why I asked if anyone from Facebook or Spamcop
was lurking around. Since Facebook knows they have an issue, how about hearing
from someone over there at Facebook regarding this issue? Like it or not,
Facebook is a very popular service. Regardless whether they use it for good or
bad purposes, it is what it is, and both innocent and not-so-innocent people use
it. That in itself makes this a huge dilemma that I hope someone from Facebook
would be lurking here might address.  As others have said in this thread,
Facebook only sends e-mail you specifically approve.. I'm just saying something
before my customers call me to complain about it... and I know they will.


Reed Loden wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Feb 2010 19:14:37 -0800
> Shon Elliott <shon at> wrote:
>> Anyone from Facebook or Spamcop lurking around to look into this? It's quite
>> annoying.. I can't imagine how many other users are scratching their heads on
>> this one...
> I'm a long-time SpamCop member, so I forwarded your mail to the
> deputies. They are aware that facebook's servers have been
> sporadically listed, and one of them specifically said the following:
> "Not much we can do about the listings.  They're sending spam to our 
> traps in large enough numbers that raises the score to a listing level. 
>   If Facebook were to follow best practices the spam complaints and
> trap hits would drop to levels that keeps them from getting listed."
> ~reed

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