ATT / Bellsouth Email Feedback Loop

Wade Peacock wade.peacock at
Thu Feb 25 16:00:39 UTC 2010

Greetings Brain Trust,

We have found ATT to be heavy handed with their email (spam) filtering. Without warn all of our mail servers 
will be denied from delivering email to their many domains (,, etc). They have a removal 
request form (like most other large ISPs) which takes 2 days to process. We never find out why the we get 
listed. We always check as many "email" reputation systems and rbl searches to determine why.  Everywhere we
look we see no evidence of a problem. We have joined other ISP feedback look system, (AOL, Yahoo and even 
Hotmail/Live) which all have helped stop issues (comprised accounts, bots, etc) before they get to the point 
of a listing/block.

I have searched and I can not find out definitively whether ATT has or does not has a feedback loop system. 
Anyone out there know?

Wade Peacock
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