Looking Glass software - what's the current state of the art?

johan johanj at sci.kun.nl
Wed Feb 24 18:00:15 UTC 2010

Thomas Kernen wrote:
> On 2/21/10 7:41 PM, Joel M Snyder wrote:
>> We are migrating our web server from platform A to mutually incompatible
>> platform B and as a result the 7-year-old DCL script I wrote that does
>> Looking Glass for us needs to be replaced. (from my comments, looks like
>> I stole the idea from ejk at digex.net...)
>> I'm guessing that someone else has done a better job and I should be
>> just downloading and using an open source tool.
>> What's the current thinking on a good standalone Looking Glass that can
>> be opened to the Internet-at-large?
>> jms
> If you want to try other Looking Glass sources, I've listed a few of 
> the more recent implementations here: 
> http://www.traceroute.org/#source%20code
> HTH,
> Thomas

If you are looking for something fancy with a graphical interface that 
not only represents the current state of your routing but also history 
of routechanges  you might  want to look at ibgplay


Link is not included in the www.traceroute.org  website, so if some 
maintainer is reading along....


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