Email Portability Approved by Knesset Committee

John Levine johnl at
Tue Feb 23 04:38:10 UTC 2010

In article <fddc4e5f9aeda526d68b236708b0dbc4 at> you write:
>smb at
>> I am seriously suggesting that a redirect mechanism -- perhaps the
>email equivalent of HTPP's 301/302 -- would be worth considering.
>We already have SMTP's 221 and 521 response codes for this. But because the
>response text is free-form there's no way to reliably parse out the new address.

Assuming you mean 251 and 551, the new address is in <brackets> making
it straightforward to parse.

There's the minor detail that nobody has, as far as I can tell, ever
implemented either, but the spec's there if you want it.


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