DNS server software

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Mon Feb 22 19:27:02 UTC 2010

Claudio Lapidus <clapidus at gmail.com> writes:

> We are a mid-sized carrier (1.2M broadband subscribers) and we are
> looking for an upgrade in our public DNS resolver infrastructure, so we
> are interested in getting to know what are you guys using in your
> networks.  Mainly what kind/brand of software and which architecture did
> you use to deploy it, and how did you do the sizing, all of it would be
> most helpful information.

Unsurprisingly, we (AS1280, AS3557) run BIND 9.  see <http://www.isc.org/>.
We have at least two recursives in each AS1280 site, and one in each
AS3557 location (f-root).  Stubs (either /etc/resolv.conf or DHCP) each use
all local plus some non-local, for a minimum of three total.  Recursive DNS
servers do not use forwarding or other cache-sharing techniques, each is
fully independent.  Most have DNSSEC validation enabled, and of those, all
are subscribed to ISC DLV, see <http://dlv.isc.org/>.  Most server hosts
here run FreeBSD on AMD64/EM64T or else i386.
Paul Vixie

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