Email Portability Approved by Knesset Committee

Robert Brockway robert at
Mon Feb 22 17:44:57 UTC 2010

On Mon, 22 Feb 2010, Larry Sheldon wrote:

> Believe it or not, some people have email addresses that are not
> intrinsically "ISP" addresses.

Indeed.  I'm sure pretty much everyone here know why ISPs offer email 

> My reaction, if I were in a position to do so, would be to stop
> providing email addresses.

Yes this may well be a sensible business decision.

>> Unfortunately the links cited are in Hebrew so I'm only going on Gadi's
>> report here.
> Why is that relevant?

Because I don't speak Hebrew.  The statement is a disclaimer that I need 
to rely on Gadi's summary rather than reading the thing in detail for 
myself, as I would have preferred to do.



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