Matthias Leisi matthias at
Sun Feb 21 18:15:36 UTC 2010

Am 21.02.10 10:25, schrieb Michelle Sullivan:

> As a matter of interest, who are the other current DNSBL's to do it? currently does not do it, but bandwidth suckers are a pain.

The work is considerable: log aggregation, log review, trying to find a
responsible for the IPs and following up until they finally implement a
local copy. We losely define 100k queries/24h to be acceptable. Above
that, you should set up your local (private) mirror (and hey, rsync is

And there are some entities that do not even acknowledge that a problem
exists -- most likely until you turn access off for them. Yes, I can
completely understand Spamhaus & Co for limiting access to their public

(OTOH, blocking access to these abusers is hard since our infrastructure
partly relies on donated, shared public DNSBL mirrors.)

-- Matthias

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