centeralized server management solutions

Phil Regnauld regnauld at
Sun Feb 21 10:30:06 UTC 2010

Matt Kelly (mjkelly) writes:
> >>You didn't specify what OS'es you deploy, but for Linux/Red Hat-like
> >>systems: PXE boot, Kickstart [1], Puppet [2], Bacula [3].
> >>PXE/Kickstart/Puppet can be managed with Cobbler [4].  Foreman [5]
> >>is an alternative for managing Puppet hosts.
> Any options that also handle Windows Server?

	A FreeBSD boot CD ?

	Joke aside, it seems that Puppet already has support for it, contrary
	to the FAQ:

	Foreman seems to be built on Puppet, as I understand.

	PXE is well supported:

	... and to finish off, Bacula works like a charm on windows, including
	registry backups, provided you create the system image backup and schedule

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