Graeme Fowler graeme at
Sun Feb 21 09:07:37 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2010-02-21 at 06:27 +0000, John Levine wrote:
> In my experience, they're pretty reasonable.  I would talk to them (or
> one of their datafeed sales agents) before assuming that they won't
> sell you the service you need.

They are indeed. In my day job, a large group of related members of
different institutions approached our umbrella networking organisation
to speak to Spamhaus for the specific reason that we were concerned

a) between us we were making millions (if not billions) of queries a day
to the mirror servers, and
b) collective negotiation would make a service available for all of us
for far less than individual orgs paying for their own.

We now have a "private" mirror, which is accessible only from within the
same AS in which we all sit. The load is therefore not on the Spamhaus
servers or public mirrors, and we're collectively paying for the service
so the service is supported. Everyone wins.

Unfortunately (for this discussion) I don't know how much it cost, but I
would assume it wasn't much because the lead time between request and
service implementation was pretty short.

Personally I think Spamhaus are entirely correct to identify and block,
or request payment, from heavy users of their _free_ service. A little
like the organisations paying many other members of this list will do
for heavy data users in a residential or mobile context, in fact - but
that's far too controversial an issue to be conflated with this one (oh


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