"Cyber Shockwave" on CNN

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Alright can someone moderate this thread and shut it down please?

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Right, because GCHQ doesn't/hasn't/never would do such a thing...

At least the US has a written constitution and the concept of the people being sovereign.

I'll take that over trusting "Her Majesty's..." whatever.

But then again, I'm Irish, so I have a bit more direct personal and familial experience of the darker side of British "civilization". (EG: While detention without trial is relatively NEW in the US, it's been a fact of life in the UK for most of its history).

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> > > It looks like this demo is
> >
> > a bunch of sick press and sick ex-gov wishtheycouldbeagains
> > trying to
> > get as much mindshare as they can.  and you're helping
> > them.
> >
> > randy
> >
> I refuse to let you say I am helping them -- I am from UK, I don't
> agree with them wanting to allow The NSA to take over private sector
> networks or citizens smart phones 'in an emergency'.
> Andrew

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