"Cyber Shockwave" on CNN

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> andrew.wallace wrote:
> > It looks like this demo is pressing ahead for the
> intro of allowing the US Government to take control of
> private sector 
> > networks
> > "in an emergency"... and wants to include smart phones
> into the bargin.
> >
> > Or at least that is my interpretation of what the demo
> is trying to convince us on.
> >
> > Cyber Shockwave Reveals Unsettling Answers ---
> >
> > http://www.mi2g.com/cgi/mi2g/frameset.php?pageid=http%3A//www.mi2g.com/cgi/mi2g/press/180210.php
> >
> > Andrew
> My favorite: "What was most troubling to the participants
> was their inability to find a guilty party." 

They could of at least of said Al-Queda for the sake of the programme. :)

It's obvious though, they don't know who the enemy would be. 

They try however, to generally say China and Russia have the strongest *cyber* capability... however, there is no intelligence that either countries are 'planning' such an attack.

It's all 'what if'.

Bring us actual intelligence on a threat that X regime wants to Y to cause Z instead of throw away doomsday scenarios with no real-life context.

The suicide bombers are happy doing their suicides, the Russians are happy keeping their nukes pointing at US with a 33 minute ATA, and The Mossad are happy carrying out their hotel assassinations.

And The Chinese are possibly happy doing corporate espionage.

I don't see any of US's enemies suddenly turning 'cyber' on us.

Sure, those enemies are using the internet for espoinage, but its not within their interest to take down US networks, because then they wouldn't have espoinage routes in and out of America anymore.

They could do it to try and blind The NSA, but that would be blinding their own signals intelligence operations in and out of US as well.



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