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They also can use SMTP AUTH for what they call Recipient Verification.

Barracuda has done some work in the past few years to improve its "out of
the box" configuration, but its poor start has permanently tarnished its
reputation in the eyes of some in the mail community, especially those who
are able to build their own spam filtering solution.  

As I found in a previous e-mail I wrote in September 2008, Barracuda's next
release, as documented in their release notes, will, without asking, turn
off all settings that cause backscatter.  Customers will have to
specifically re-activate those "features" if they want them.
	The "Send Bounce'' option will be SET TO NO on all systems, 
	regardless of your previous setting. If you wish 
	notifications to go out to any sender whose email was 
	blocked, you can re-enable this option from the 
	"BASIC->Spam Scoring'' page, in the Spam Bounce (NDR) 
	Configuration section.


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> They finally fixed this a few years ago, and can not integrate with
> LDAP (and possibly others) for address validation. Of course, it's
> still down to the admin to implement it...

... can NOW integrate...   even.


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