"Cyber Shockwave" on CNN

andrew.wallace andrew.wallace at rocketmail.com
Sat Feb 20 02:28:22 UTC 2010

US carried out "Cyber Shockwave" - an exercise by non-government actors who have close relations to the government past.

The results will be aired on CNN this weekend.

Intelligence suggests the scenario was not standard and that a crash in the smart phone network was used as a concept of how US National Security *could* be compromised in 2011.

CNN had exclusive television access to the national security cyber “war game” scenario. 

The simulated attack took place on Tuesday and was host by members of The Bipartisan Policy Center and will debut on Saturday, Feb. 20 and Sunday, Feb. 21 at 8pm, 11pm and 2am ET on CNN.  

I hope the Nanog community can tune in or watch later on catch up services and give feedback on your thoughts.

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