Michelle Sullivan matthew at
Fri Feb 19 07:44:14 UTC 2010

Crist Clark wrote:
> We do not fit into that. We are not selling an appliance or service
> to others (the 'Cuda is for our internal corporate email only, not
> customers). If we were still using my home-built SpamAssassin system,
> it'd be OK to use Spamhaus. Now that we've purchased an appliance
> and manually added a Spamhaus to the user-customizable DNSBL list
> on it, it's not OK?

I knew I had read it somewhere...

> If you do not have a current Spamhaus Datafeed subscription, then you
> are abusing Spamhaus's public DNSBL servers. If your email volume is
> big enough that you need a Barracuda or similar spam filter appliance,
> then you certainly CAN NOT use Spamhaus's free public DNSBL servers.
> Contrary to what you may have been told by the nice appliance
> salesman, Spamhaus does not have any agreement with Barracuda for the
> use of Spamhaus DNSBLs with Barracuda appliances.
> Because Spamhaus's public DNSBL servers get heavily abused by
> companies with spam filter appliances, mostly Barracuda appliances,
> Spamhaus has implemented a control system on the public DNSBL servers
> to flag and firewall such users and Barracuda appliances in particular.


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