Latest Cisco for small dual homed ASN

Andy Davidson andy at
Thu Feb 18 19:48:06 UTC 2010

On 11/02/2010 18:53, James Smallacombe wrote:
> I have a customer that is looking at using BGP for their network; one
> connection over a few bonded T1s, the other over a Comcast Enterprise
> connection (which supposedly will do BGP now).
> When I was dual homed a few years ago, a 7204VXR with 256MB was more
> than adequate.  With routing tables growing the way they are, what's a
> good Cisco based solution on the lower end of the price spectrum that
> should handle this fine for a few years?

There was a bit of info missing from the replies in this thread, so I
shall inflict my thoughts onto you all.  Sorry, but :

On 11/02/2010 19:12, Matthew Huff wrote:
> You can squeeze by with 512MB, but 1GB of ram would be better.
> A 7204VXR with 1GB of ram will work fine.

... though you would want an npe-g1 or npe-g2 to avoid frustration.

On 11/02/2010 19:08, Seth Mattinen wrote:
> Any 2800/3800 ISR (except the 2801) will handle this just fine

Any sort of attack traffic will hurt this family in a hosting
environment in my experience.  They are good (feature-rich) in the
'branch' environment though.

We are also rolling out huge volumes of Juniper equipment, and medium to
high end J-series equipment is likely to vastly exceed expectations
without exceeding your budget.

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