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Thu Feb 18 18:28:32 UTC 2010

On 2/18/2010 12:50 PM, Crist Clark wrote:
>>>> On 2/18/2010 at 2:40 AM, Michelle Sullivan<matthew at>  wrote:
>> Laczo, Louis wrote:
>>> Folks,
>>> I'm looking for comments / suggestions / opinions from any providers that
>> have been contacted by spamhaus about excessive queries originating from
>> their DNS resolvers, typically, as a proxy for customers. I know that certain
>> large DNS providers (i.e. google and level3) have either been banned or have
>> voluntarily blocked spamhaus queries by their resolvers. We're currently in
>> discussion with spamhaus and I wanted to see how others may have handled
>> this.
>> They seem to be doing that a lot of late.  They also contacted my
>> employer and demanded $100k/yr(?) for having a "Use Spamhaus RBL" in our
>> software.  Next version will not have the ability to query Spamhaus
>> unless a user configures it themselves in the "Custom RBL" settings.
>> Michelle
>> ? = could have been more, not sure without checking with the CEO, result
>> was the same.
> We received such a message from a Spamhaus Datafeed reseller
> and eventually had our DNS servers blocked. What angered me was
> that I analyzed our usage, and we were well below the thresholds
> and met the TOS published at the Spamhaus website for no-cost use.
> However, they said we had to subscribe to the Datafeed despite
> that because we have a Barracuda appliance.
> To me, it sounds like Barracuda customers are being singled
> out in some conflict between Barracuda Networks and Spamhaus.
> Spamhaus (via the reseller, MXTools) is leaning on Barracuda
> customers hoping that they'll lean on Barracuda Networks so
> that Barracuda Networks will do a deal at the corporate level
> with Spamhaus.
> Spamhaus does some good work, but being used as a pawn in
> some conflict between vendors doesn't feel nice. And I want to
> know how they figured out we had a Barracuda.
try using barracuda's own barbell(brbl) service..i don't know if it's 
built into your appliance.  I have also found that greylisting(for me 
via postgrey) has done more than any rbl to nearly eliminate my spam.

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